Childhood Cancer Campaign

“Providing The Care… Finding The Cure”

The heartbreak of Children’s Cancer spares no one. Children from all walks of life are affected. Families suffer tremendous emotional, and financial distress. The average treatment for Children with Cancer is three and a half years Families are devastated.

Cancer remains the number one disease that claims the lives of children. Each year Cancer kills more Children under the age of 20 than Asthma, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, and Aids combined. One out of 300 Children in the United States will develop Cancer before their 20th birthday. Childhood Cancers are usually more aggressive than Adult Cancers. Source: Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

We are honored to support Rady Children’s Hospital, the largest Children’s Hospital in Southern California, The American Cancer Society summer camps, Pediatric Hospice, and The Ronald McDonald House.

COVERS WITH LOVE – For Children Hospitalized with Cancer and other Life Threatening Illness or Injuries. We provide comfort for the children with cuddly, Pocket Blankets with a journal in the pocket.Unique Colorful Treasure Drawstring Bags to for the children to keep their personal treasures in. Please click on the link below to learn more about Covers With Love, to see the products, and to learn how you can help.

CANCER CAMPS – Seany “Camp Reach For The Sky” offers three summer camps a year.
SIBLING CAMP, for Children who have lost a brother or sister the previous year, or are watching a brother or sister battling for their life. Ages 4 to 19
ONCOLOGY CAMP for children with cancer. Ages 4 to a9
DAY CAMP is for children with cancer.. We sponsor a child each year for this camp, and provide each child with a Treasure Bag, and a Special Gift. Ages 4 to 9

Rady Children’s Cancer Researchis partnered with St. Jude Research to develop less toxic treatments, and to find cures for Childhood Cancers.

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