Mountain Boarding

The Optimist Club, Del Mar - Solana Beach sponsors an annual "Boostamonte Youth Mountain Boarding Program" for "Straight From the Heart" Foster Children.

"All Kids on Board" focuses on offering free mountainboarding lessons to local San Diego children going through some sort of challenges. "It's great to watch kids just be kids and forget about struggles which may be taking place in their personal lives. It's such a rewarding program for all involved and I'm excited about helping more kids Get on Board!" says Brad.

Boostamonte started in 2011 with a mission to spread the word of owner Brad Beren's 16-year passion, mountainboarding; a fun, safe cross of snowboarding, mountainbiking, and skateboarding. Quickly building a successful niche market in San Diego, the company is a new start-up and offers quality Apparel, Safety Gear, Boards, and Professional Instructions.

Boostamonte Mountainboarding’s “Learn To Boost” program paves the way for kids and people of all ages to try mountainboarding. All first lessons take place on small grass slopes and all safety equipment is provided. This unique program is very easy to learn, helps promote a healthy living lifestyle and builds student skills like balance, flexibility, aerobic capacity, strength, endurance, social interaction, confidence, and more. Mountainboarding lessons are perfect After School Programs, Summer Camps, Children Birthday Parties, etc. and according to Leslie A.’s 13 year old son Sam, “The most fun I’ve ever had at a birthday party!”

For more information please visit:

Brad Beren
Boostamonte Mountainboarding
858 382 0355

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